BLACKLISTED, the gallery show that didnt happen.

Dramatic title eh? Well, I was/am upset to hear that almost as soon as Jakob and I had hung our photography show in the gallery at Providence hospital it was taken down. My short series of six images depicting a teenager (my cousin) wearing her cheer uniform was labeled as inappropriate by one single person . I did not and do not mean to portray this girl in a suggestive way at all, but there can be no complaints so P.R. for the hospital said it had to be pulled immediately. I do not agree with this decision but I know that Providence is a conservative group so I respect their decision as much as I can.

Our Curator, Gavin Shettler, is looking for a new space for us to show our work. Hopefully this isn’t a problem again for a long long time! Thank you Gavin!



The following images were taken by CB Mitchell.


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