Milepost 5’s First Friday

On Friday November 5th, the Milepost 5 studios building opened it’s doors for it’s first ever First Friday event. Starting at 5pm people began to trickle in and roam the art lined hallways, through out the night the flow of people only got larger. I was in my apartment showing my work most of the time, but I did get out with my camera and walk the hallways with some friends. I think we were all pretty surprised at the success of the buildings first art walk, I even sold a piece (Which I wasnt even planning on trying to sell!)  

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We’re all super excited for future First Fridays and are working on a way to make the next art walk even better than the first. The community is getting the word out and should hopefully be put on the map very soon!  I will be documenting every First Friday that I can participate in; next art walk post will feature a lot more of the art  so stay tuned for Decembers First Friday Post.

To learn more about Portlands First Friday Art Walk, I have some links to the typical F.F. venues:,

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